Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Roasted potato and leek soup.

Decided to do something different. A simple dish using potatoes and leeks with 8 oz of . Creme Fraiche , baby arugula greens, 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese along with 3/4 cup of heavy cream. The obvious kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Little less than 1/4 cup of good virgin olive oil. about 5 cup of veggie broth.  I am using yukon potatoes about 2 lbs and 4 cups of leeks.
Yukon Gold and Organic leek

Ingredients I used

Leeks and potatoes drenched in olive oil salt and black pepper  prior to baking.

Arugula mildly spicy greens.

The method is fairly easy. Cut up the potatoes in chucks and slice up the leeks after a good cleaning. Beware of sand. Using a 17" by 11" cookie sheeting I place the potatoes and leek drizzled with olive oil with salt and pepper. This oven is already preheated to 400 degree fahrenheit.  Baked them for about 43 minutes. Midway through carefully stir it. Once done add the arugula on top , quick stir and place it back in the oven about 4 minutes or till wilt.

In the oven for 43 minutes.

Just out of the oven. Arugula wilted.

Now ready to eat.

Added that to my food processor ( Vita-Mix ) in batches, pulsed it to less that chunky pieces and placed on a Tamil cooker. Added more broth heavy cream and Creme Fraiche on low heat. Added Parmesan shavings and now ready to eat.

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