Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paruppu urundai kuzhambu

Decided to get in making paruppu urundai  kuzhambu. Not too difficult.

Toor Dhall soaked for about a little over an hour along with dried chili.

Then comes the tricky blending part. Decided to see if my vita-mix blender would do the


Added asafetida (hing) salt curry leaves. It took a while blending it since you don't want

 to add water. Key is slow and pulse speed.Made into little key-lime sized balls. 

The gravy side was pretty straight forward. 

Light tamarind water set aside.

Mustard seeds fenugreek a pinch of cumin kadalai parrupu added to gingerly oil.

Got them spluttering. Now added sambhar powder about a tablespoon to the oil.

Aroma gets going now.. Now added tamarind water and added more water with a small


Bringing it to a full boil. Salt and Hing added. 

The BIG test........ to drop the urundais without it breaking up. 

It worked. None broke apart.  

Tip: let it boil till it cooks without any assistance from the cook. When cooked it will float

 to the top.


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